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Christian Kane

Stephanie Szostak

Kat Kramer

Vikki Lizzi
            Sky Katz Ray wise Camila Banus Michael Copon
Actress known for her recurring role in “Raven’s Home” Actor known for “Robo Cop”, “Fresh of tThe Boat” and “Gilmore Girls” Actress known for “Days of Our Lives”, “Dexter” & “Hawaii Five-0” Actor best known for ” Bring it On- In It To Win It” & “The Scorpio King 2- Rise Of a Warrior” 
Ralph Rieckerman
Vikki Lizzi
Amy Johnston  Eric Roberts 
Part of the band Scorpions
Actress best known for “Enemy Within” Actress known for “Accident Man”  Golden Globe Nominee Actor best known for his roles in ” The Dark Night” & “Suits” 
Edward Luena Ray Quiroga Levi Maguire Rene Michelle Aranda
Animator Producer / Actor Actor Actress

Andy Madadian

Deborah Dutch
Philip Cable
An Armenian-Iranian singer-songwriter and actor Actress best known for “The Man Who Wasn’t There” Actress Best known for her role in “The Rock” , That’s My Boy” & ” A Star Is Born” Director
 Tracee Lee Cocco
Jaylen Barron
Robert Craighead
Sharyn Wynters
Actress best known for “Star Trek -Next Generation”  Actress known for recurring roles on “Good Luck Charley” & “See Dad Run” Actor Best known for his recurring roles on “The Bold and The Beautiful”, “Young and Restless” and “New Girl” Actress known for “Batman” & “The Female Buch”
 Shani Rigsbee
Said Faraj
Rupak Chaterjee
Peggy Tonaus
Recording Artist – Singer, Composer and Producer  Actor known for the role in “Green Zone” movie
 Producer of the movie “Fairy Tale”
Actress known for “Realty Relapse” & “Real Housewives of Orange County”

Mary Apick
Hataitip Sesung Bai Ling The Pointer Sisters
Best Actress Awarded in Movie “Dead End” Best International Singer Played in Movie Red Corner with Richard Gear American R&B singing group won three Grammy Awards
Chris Levine Tom Sizemore T.J. Storm Gerald Okamura
Actor & Producer A Golden Globe Nominee Actor best known for ” Saving Private Ryan” , “Black Hawk Down” & “Shooter”

Actor best known for “DEADPOOL”

“Green Lantern” & “Punisher-War Zone”

Actor best known for “G.I. Joe- The Rise of The Cobra” & “Mortal Kombat”
Chalet Brannan Donna Spangler Corey Feldman James Lew
A child actress that beat Leukemia at age 10 and Oscar Nominated for her role in Tinker Actress known for “Beverly Hills Christmas” & “Space Girls In Beverly Hills” Award winning Actor known for “License to Drive”, ” The Goonies” & “Stand By Me” Emmy Award Winner Actor and Stunt Coordinator best known for “Luke Cage” & “Inception”
Issac Singleton Ken Davitian

Nana Gbewonyo

Massi Furlan
Actor best known for ” Pirates of the Caribbean” , “Planets Of The Apes” & “Anger Management” Actor known best for ” S.W.A.T” , ‘Borat” & “Get Smart” Actor known for “Coach Carter” , “The Possession” &” Gran Torino” Actor know for his role in the Movie “The Dark Knight Rises”
Kelly Perine Judi Evans Crystal Santos Lester Speight
Actress known for her recurring roles on “Knight Squad” & “The Drew Carey Show” Actress best kwon for “Days Of Our Lives” & “Guiding Light” Actress known for “Man at Arms” & “Hollywood Adventures” Actor best known for “Norbit” & “Transformers- Dark Of The Moon”
Don Wilson Mike O’Hearn Cao Yong Cynthia Rothrock
greatest kick-boxing
Holds 4
Mr. Universe titles
An International Artist/ Painter Actress known for “Lady Dragon”
Marisela Destenee Mckenzie Chiara Ariè Yasmeena Datcher
A Recording Artist That Peaked At Number-One In The Billboard Latin Songs Chart In 1990 A Producer & Director Chiara Arie is a Famous Italian Singer, Song Writer & Pianist An aspiring and accomplished young singer
Shannan Rene Parks           Celeste Thorson
  Actress known for “How I met Your Mother” & “The Exes”


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