Dream Cinema Productions

Dream Cinema Productions llc.

Ray Michaels Quiroga CEO / Producer / Actor

Dream cinema productions just finished shooting their SyFi / Horror film “ Night Mistress” starring Sharyn Wynters from “Batman” original tv series. Deborah Dutch – Hollywood Horror Scream Queen. Brinke Stevens Hollywood Horror Scream Queen. Tracee Lee Cocco – star of Star Trek next generation. Dream cinema productions is also developing the video game for distribution with Sony PS4. Dream cinema is also in preparations for a slate of new films including “. Green olds” starring Thomas Hayden church from sideways. Ray Michaels Quiroga has been an actor / producer / director and ceo of Dream cinema productions. Ray as an actor has been in multiple. Televisions show and films. With years of experience under his belt he is striving to turn Dream Cinema Productions into a film company that will make films in the path of making a change in this world for the better.

Dream cinema productions is in partnership with many Oscar winning producers and directors in the industry. It’s dream cinemas wish to make films and projects that will help all talent and mankind in anyway possible.